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The Dinner and a Jam New Blog Spot

November 14, 2007

Hey there peeps in cyber land! Welcome to the new home of the Dinner and Jam Blog.

Here you will find the recipe’s to Leah’s favorite dishes she serves as the lovely dinner and jam parties she throws on a monthly basis. These invites may be coveted, but I tell and share with you, the recipes are not so coveted. Some of my own, others tweaked by me.

So before I can get this next month’s recipes up, I have barely just started to get the menu down for this weekend’s Dinner and Jam Event, I will at least share with you last month’s menu.

I will get up the recipes when I can ok my sweet little peeps?

Select Cheeses & Crackers – Brie, Nut Roll, Colby Jack

Crude Crudite with fresh onion sour cream dip

Hungry Musicians Hummas – fresh garlic, cumin, chick peas, tahini

Kranky Crabmeat Dip – served warm and made with crab meat, fresh scallions, garlic, colby jack cheese, crème cheese with fresh cracked pepper

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Phyllo Triangles – baby bellas, fresh goat cheese, garlic of course, homemade bread crumbs and onions

Symphonic Sausage & Caramelized Onion Circles – the name says it all

Seranating Spiced Salsa – fresh cilantro, farmer’s market limes, onions, garlic, too-kewl cucumbers, sweet rainbow assortment of peppers and jalepenos. Available Mohitos to cool you off are available.

Have and Eat your Cake 2 – Marbleized cake with fresh lemon filling and 7 minute icing which will only take you 3 minutes to finish your slice.

Mojitos with fresh mint –Rum with fresh limes, farmer’s market mint, rum, cane sugar served over ice.

Sangria – wine and club soda with farmer’s market fruit served over ice

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