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A New Year..starting with some old favorites and new recipes too!

January 17, 2008

So Happy New Year Everyone! I have been so busy lately, but here I am starting, well ok at least attempting, to start and sharing with you my recipes from my most recent Dinner and Jam Parties.

If you love reading recipes, and I mean reading them – and I have talked to a lot of you lately, it seems then you would really enjoy reading my recipes, as always, I have to add a ‘funny” in them now and then just to make sure you are paying attention. But more importantly, these recipes work. Even for the novice!

But to get you started, I have placed a few of my recipes up on such as Grandma Nelle’s Lump-free Mashed Potatoes. Reading the recipe is half the fun. And here’s the link to my lump-free kick-ass pan gravy. So do enjoy!

I will also be adding many others as I go ahead. I have many plans for this blog -so do please stay tuned.

And contact me especially If you need a special recipe or wish to know about my version of one you might need. I am here for you foodies out there in cyber land!

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