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What we are about – Slow Food

May 27, 2008

So what is this so-called new thing named Slow Food. When I first heard the term, I was a bit wearing. Was this just another attempt for rich hippies in telling us to once again go ‘green’ and organic? Actually, and happily I found it is a lot more involved and has nothing to do with hippies, but more importantly how the food we eat comes to arrive at our doorstops, to understanding the energy costs involved in getting said food to your table.

So I created this blog and our new website (which is still in development), to support not only the slow food lifestyle that I had learned I had been doing a lot of already, but to help be a resource for people wishing to learn more about the slow food mission.

Slow food is not solely about eating green, it’s actually being more aware from where your food comes from. If you are buying and eating food items from your local farmer’s market, well, then that food that you bought is then aptly named, ‘slow food’.

I do wish there was a different name to call this trend – but it is about thinking where your food comes from, what actual energy and earth’s resources were used to create said product, it is about unprocessed foods, and it is about biodiversity in our food system, encouraging all too survive. It is about taking time once again to enjoy the process of eating good wholesome food.

I will show you where you can buy ‘slow food’, how you can make your own slow food from scratch (one of the basis ideas for making your own slow food), helpful hints on how to grow your own food when you can and all sorts of ideas for creating a more green environment in your kitchen to eating better, tasty and delectable ‘slow food’. So as I like to say, stay tuned!

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