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Well Hello Cyberworld! Im Chef Maven.

July 28, 2008

So you ask who is the Chef Maven? Well it’s me silly! I’m an Especially All Homemade From Scratch, Just Out Of Your Garden, Never Been Tried, Make It Up As You Go And Of Course Anything Delicious Full Fledged Foodie.

I am a bit quirky, and who isn’t these days. Blogging, cooking, baking, taking care of family, the pets, the household and when I can, take care of myself as well.

This particular blog of mine will share not only recipes, but other interesting tidbits of food findings, questions for you all out there in cyberland and even fun interesting food facts! So Stay tuned. Pull up a nice glass of iced coffee and enjoy!

I’m new to wordpress and look forward to sharing my food news with you. Now I feel super important, ok not really. But heck, what’s one to do but help other’s with their cooking and baking questions? Well sign up an account on The site is actually quite interesting allowing anyone to answer and question those answers as well as ask their very own questions on any subject. Got that? Good!

I have read much that I found quite interesting. Shared a few bits of my own wisdom to some unanswered questions. And overall, I recommend this site for any who care to know what they need to know but quick and can’t seem to find it anywhere else.

I happen to find this site quite by accident while looking up my blog statistics. One page has continued to be highly popular and it had to do with “how to cook a bottom round roast”. One I am continuously surprised that this one post is so popular, but realized why.

Today, since we are living in such lean times, where money is at an all time struggle to keep in our pockets (I will not go political here nor do I believe we have even seen the worst of it by far) – the bottom round roast is a lot of meat for only a little money – and it looks like it would feed easily a family of 6. But when these people get this chunk of beef home, they may have no clue as to how to prepare and cook it – hence they do a search and voila, find my post on which recipes are best to make a bottom round roast.

And hence while doing further research found that this question was needing said answer on, I knew I found a home for my post. I should actually update my answers since I have learned a few other interesting ways to use bottom round roast, but thats for another day. But what really occurred to me was that I should be sharing more recipes that are super affordable yet nutrient packed to feed a family of four. I may put these sort of recipes on one of my other food blogs, I am not sure just yet – I will allow it to come to fruition on its very own.

So if you would like to see some of my answers to various food questions, simply surf on over to and look for ChefMaven (yes one word over there) or ask me right here in the comments sections.

I look forward to hearing from you and your questions!

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