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Leftovers – Ideas for Leftover Cooked Chicken and Cooked Ham

August 7, 2008

With the price of food these days, I am finding myself being further encouraged in creating new ways and revisited ideas in stretching the food and food dollars I do buy for my family.

Recently while visiting a food site I belong to, we have been discussing in a new ‘sub group’ I created allowing us to share recipes and ideas for leftover food, and thought I would share here with what I have learned there.

So some of you cannot stand them, leftovers that is, and if you should have leftovers from a restaurant or take out, you simply might end up throwing them out, but you might be surprised the variety of new dishes you can create from leftover food, saving you money. And isn’t that the point I am making? Exactly….

So if you are those who are interested in learning some ideas on what to do with leftover cooked chicken or cooked ham, you have come to the right place. Feel free to click on any link which are simply recipes I have shared already here at my Dinner and Jam blog

So here I go and list them for you:

Ideas for Leftover Cooked Chicken:

Ideas for Leftover Cooked Ham:

Please share how you use your leftovers and create new dishes… Me and my readers would love to hear from you

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