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Going Vegetarian is a Bedtime Decision

August 14, 2008

More Musings by little ‘ol me, Chef Maven

As my boyfriend and I watched the Foodnetwork’s show, ‘Unwrapped’ last night just before bedtime, we had a conversation that ended in a handshake of agreement. Yes, we actually shook hands in agreement. This wasn’t a peace agreement or an agreement to share the blanket better (he tends to take the blanket leaving me with just the sheet to keep me covered – but this is not about our sleeping issues). We shook our hands in agreement that we would eat only fruits and vegetables and more importantly omit meat from our diet for a week’s time starting today, August 13th, 2008.

He brought it up, not me. And the fact that he brought up this idea had surprised me, and frankly odd as well, since what a coincidence that I too had been thinking to myself to eat less meat and eat more vegetables on this very same day. Was I worried about our attempts? Would I have a ‘lack of meat shock’ to my system? Would we find ourselves with more energy? Was this novel idea of his coming at this specific time since he is hitting the big ’50’ this next week?

We went through what each of us wished to achieve during the week and which foods would be allowed. He even let me know which veggies he preferred. Though our diets attempts will be slightly different, there was an agreement of an overall goal – to eat healthier and leaner foods for increasing our health.

He wishes to cut out all breads, sugar and meat including fish while increasing his intake of raw vegetables. While I prefer to increase my whole grains and vegetable intakes, I will do my best to avoid sugar, butter – which is a major heap for me, and red meat.

We will also allow ourselves to eat yogurt, eggs, cheese (I can’t give that up), nuts, legumes, vegetable and fruits. Heck if so many people in this world do it, why not us? My partner’s wish is to lose weight, and though that may also be my wish, I would like to supply my body with more fuel-enriched foods. I also wish to avoid any pre-packed processed foods which means no crackers, and the like. I know it is going to be hard to avoid baking and then eating homemade cookies which are my own downfall.

So today, I am off to the grocery store. And as I reminded my fellow last night, the farmers market comes on Saturday and there is a second one a few towns away, I suggested we also visit, since we heard they do a fine job in supplying different items than our local farmers market.

I will be updating our success and possible lame attempts – but I will do my best to think of success is already here.

I started my morning today with a watermelon and pear fruit smoothie. I decided to keep a food diary and hope he will too. I might want to buy a scale, not just a food scale, but a scale for the bathroom since we haven’t any in the house. I have already done the dirty deed (without him around) and took every measurement possible of my body and wrote it down. I was aghast at some of the measurements. The time is now, not tomorrow.

I will see how this goes….

Have you ever tried this? What are your experiences with going vegetarian for a week? How was your body and mind affected by changing your eating habits? We would love to hear from you!

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  1. December 1, 2010 3:43 pm

    digital kitchen scales are the stuff that i always use on my kitchen when i weight things .*:

    • December 1, 2010 3:47 pm

      Hi Polypropylene! Yes, A kitchen scale is most useful, and I will be sure to add one to my kitchen very soon…. thanks for your comments!
      Leah aka The Chef Maven

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