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Sundays Are Made For Slow Food Meals and Great Times with Family and Friends

August 31, 2008

As I drank my homemade super-caffeinated unsweetened iced tea this morning after walking my dog Theodore Roosevelt (yes that’s his name), I was surfing and reading various wordpress blogs and after adding a comment to another’s blog: aptly named ‘And No Cheese’ – at I realized that Sunday’s are the wondrous days of the week that I like to ‘sit back’ and cook those meals that take some time.

I feel fortunate that my mate is not one to watch and be glued to football on any given Sunday – NOT that that is a bad thing at all mind you, for it really wouldn’t matter to me if he did that (he prefers to sleep in as much as possible – and quite frankly I allow it, since it gives me time to myself). But once up and about and as long as they were not in my kitchen getting in my way, I am at peace.

Actually, I am one of those that love company in the kitchen, I like to chit chat, talk recipes, talk about life, etc. while chopping and slicing away at some shallots. The kitchen is where many people naturally draw themselves too naturally when I entertain, as I am sure you have found this true at your place.

In the past, I have had boyfriends that enjoyed football, nascar – as they too (the men) also need a day off to relax, unwind in their own way before getting back into the grind of work. I am all for taking it slow on Sundays and that includes creating homemade foods from scratch to enjoy and relish in what I may have bought at the farmers market the day before. I save money by creating the food at home as well, that is for sure.

Not every Sunday can be so lucky, but when you can, remember to take this day for yourself and for your family. Relish in those things you love to do, but seem never have time to do. Maybe make a nice large breakfast filled with your favorite foods and newspaper.

Sunday’s are days that should be savored slowly and have time spent with friends and family. The day to do the laundry, the day to take a lovely walk in the woods, while something is slowly cooking in the oven or stove top or slow cooker say. A day to sit back a bit and enjoy the day and night at a calm pace. Sunday’s are days to take for yourself in whatever way you feel free to. And on Sunday’s, I like to create meals with the concept of ‘slow food recipes’.

I can recall many a Sunday where I have roasted a chicken, or a leg of lamb, or made several meals to last through out the week. And for today’s Sunday, I am making homemade loaf of rosemary bread (recipe to come) for the week ahead, my famous chili (now where’s the football?), guacamole, my tarragon salad dressing, corn bread among other dishes. By creating homemade food, I am practicing good ‘slow food’ habits. I know I am taking time to do the right thing by catching up on my weekly news, 60 minutes, etc. and am enjoying every minute of it. Then again, I am doing something I love, to cook and bake. It relaxes me in between posting to my many blogs and keeps me off the streets.

As I go about my day cleaning too around my house today, I will enjoy the smells coming from my kitchen. So, I say this to you on this Sunday. Get out that cookbook of yours, take a peek at trying something new if you dare. You may just find you like it once again. And cooking from scratch can really save monies when you are paying attention to ingredients. Get outside for a bit of fresh air.

Getting out that crock pot and making up a stew is nothing to brush off, but creating wholesome homemade food that you created by hand is something to be proud of knowing you are providing you and your family and friends with delightful and delicious meals to be savored, like every Sunday should be.

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