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National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th

September 4, 2008
National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th

National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th

So September is National Cheese Pizza Day. OK!

This is one of those national food days I can actually and really sink my teeth into.

Fortunately I live in New York, where, quite arguably, some of the best pizza is made and served up daily.

Some of my favorite spots are downtown NYC where the pizza crusts are super thin, crispy, lightly dusted with corn meal and simply served with fresh melted cheese on top.

In college, we even had a Captain Pizza guy who arrived masked and donned in cape who delivered pizza to us faithful hungry followers. We would never learn his true identity, but it was always a pleasure to see Captain Pizza arrive with several boxes in hand to the dormitories.

Now I know many of you have your own favorite spot, and I would never doubt that your local favorite spot is the best…though I love the idea that there are restaurants out in California that literally ship from New York, both water (actual tap water no less) and flour not available to them in California. In fact, it was only recently while writing an article on the differences in flour that I learned that the same flour product is actually different when purchased up north say in NY versus say down south in Mississippi.

Some say it is all in the sauce that makes the best cheese pizza, while others will say the brick oven while even others will mention it is all in how you make the dough to what cheeses are used. Regardless of those who think what makes the best cheese pizza out there, one thing is for sure: Cheese Pizza is not going anywhere but in your mouth, one bite at a time.

So I thank my local pizza guys, Captain Pizza and am thankful for September 5th for being National Pizza Day. You know I am going for a slice or two!

Other Interesting Facts that fell on this day September 5th:

1643 Louis XIV, King of France (the ‘Sun King’) was born. A gourmet, gourmand and many say a glutton. During his reign food began to be served in courses, rather than placed on the table all at once, and forks came into widespread use.

1698 Tsar Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards.

1946 Dean Ford of the music group ‘Marmalade’ was born.

1949 Clem Clempson of the music group ‘Humble Pie’ was born.

2001 Justin Wilson, Cajun chef and humorist died. He wrote five cookbooks, hosted several cooking shows on TV, including ‘Louisiana Cookin’ and ‘Cookin’ Cajun.’

OOOOOOH Dooooogie! ~Chef Maven

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