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Soup Pots for the Masses – A Food Funny

September 6, 2008

I was curious to learn that one Avalon Cookware company makes 13,000, yes thirteen thousand soup pots per day – now I wondered how many families every day bought a new soup pot…since most soup pots last for several years at the very least…and Avalon is guaranteed to last over 35 years, making 13,000 new soup pots per day seemed rather ridiculous – as there are other cookware manufacturers out there that do the same thing. How many soup pots did we really need in any one given year?

Why even bother with all these statistics? OK, I admit, I had nothing else better to think of while watching Food Network’s show titled, ‘Unwrapped’ where they were highlighting this companies manufacturing process proudly announcing the amount of soup pots which can be produced in one given day. Again I quote the show, ‘13,000’ in one day are made.

My issues all started when they (the TV show) were explaining and showing how these special Avalon cookware soup pots were made and I was taken aback with the amount that can be made in any given day at this one factory and thought then how many families would it take and for how long for them to buy a years supply – It seemed rather excessive, especially when you learn the chemicals used to make said type of soup pots didn’t sound very healthy.

Worse, since Avalon is not alone in this market, since many TV Chefs are now touting their own product line of cookware, among many other companies – the thought of how many were made in total by all these companies made my mind spin…so I had to start somewhere and do some math.

I wondered how long it would take and how many households would be needed to buy up a years worth of manufactured Avalon soup pots. (OK, I already know I need a new day job) But let’s do some math shall we?

It has been a few years since I did algebra, and I would have do so some googling to find some stats, but this is what I came up with. You’re still reading this, so I know you are so fascinated by all this.

First of all, as of 2000 census (last reports I could find) the USA had more than 105 million households. One day’s worth of soup pots manufactured is 13,000. Now if this company worked normal days – since we have 365 days in a year (I didn’t have to look that up), we also must subtract some days: (weekend days – 104) and (holidays – 12) – so we should be left with a total of 249 working manufacturing days.

Taking 13,000 soup pots made in one day and multiply that number by the 249 production days provides us with 3,237,000 soup pots manufactured in one given year. With a total of 105 million households, that leads us with 1 soup pot for each 32 households, given they could afford said avalon soup pot and even now and then actually take the time to make soup or chili in said soup pot.

At this point, I really feel I should have paid more attention to statistics in college, since these numbers are troubling me with even further and more mind boggling questions. – Now what the heck was in my iced tea this morning, I will never know – there should not have been anything but tea and water. OK, so you need to know these other questions…keep your panties on and hold your horses…

You asked for them! – How long (years) do people usually use the same soup pot? How often do people actually go out and buy new cookware? How many people when choosing new cookware or even specifically buy new soup pots choose Avalon over their favorite TV Chef’s personal product line or a different manufacturer such as Le Creuset, to one they thoroughly enjoy.

My list of questions, frankly could easily go on – but I share this with you. More than half of my Revere Wear Copper Bottom pans are over 60 years old inherited from my mother, the remaining matching one’s I bought when I moved out at 21, and yes I am now 42 making these newer pots 21 years old along with the 60+ year old pans.

Do they still work? You bet. Are they still shiny bright copper? You bet, since I polish them after each use and are proudly hung up in the kitchen. Have I burnt plenty in them over the years? You bet – try removing hard candy cooked in a tall pot…but frankly Revere Copper Bottom cookware cleans quite easily will a little soaking.

I haven’t bought a soup pot except once when I was briefly married many years ago (well it was on registry) – And when I left him, I left the cooking pots and pans.

As I come to think of it, and only until now, this very moment, maybe they (said pots I got when I was first married) were the real reason I left – you see there were Avalon. lol. I had the entire set with glass lids, thinking it would be cool not to have to lift the lid to see the inside contents…May I quote some Dylan at this point? “Don’t let them know when you knew me when”

Oddly enough, when I first started writing this post this evening, I went to what I thought was Avalon’s main website: and I copy and paste from their site to share this with you:

“Welcome to Avalon Cookware

This site is now for sale. Charms cookware does not negotiate in good faith. They still use the Art of War negotiation tactics. Worse, they think these tactics are still relevant.

My advice to you is don’t waste your time and effort with people or company representatives that don’t know how to negotiate in good faith. There are many companies in China that will negotiate in good faith without finding the need to play games while trying to exercise their “superior” position.

We are actively looking for a stainless steel cookware manufacturer that is interested in selling products to the West.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  See TaylorDavis Consulting for more information”


Wow, well, what can I tell you – Regardless of Avalon’s issues with either their website or the manafacturing of Avalong Soup Pots, I do believe the number of manafactured products in one given year outweighs the number of willing and able American Households who will buy up all 3,237,000 made in one year – I guess that’s why I found a photo for the Avalon products on….and what’s worse? They ( no longer carry the Avalon cookware products… ouch!

Some musings by little ‘ol me ~Chef Maven – Have a great soup day!

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  1. September 6, 2008 8:59 pm

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    Peter Quinn

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