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Premature Releasing of Polling Information

November 3, 2008
Typical Polling Booths in USA

Typical Polling Booths in USA

I wish I could tell you how to bake a Politician today, but rather I point out my thoughts on having the news agencies revealing leads of one politician over another in our beloved Country and States. Since most polls stay open till 9pm, why should we know so soon? We should have learned from the last election and certain ‘chad moments’, that prematurely calling one person victorious in One State can had disastrous effects.

New Papers with the wrong candidate on the front cover being the winner inevitably land on E-bay just like coins with misprints, for sale. Personally despite the internet, we should wait until the last polling booth has closed before announcing any winners.

– Just saying….. and though I love watching – and saying whoo hoo, my personal choice has taken NY, for example….I wonder if people who didn’t learned of East Coast results would still go out and make their vote count – just saying folks, just saying…

And the wonder if we could all vote on the internet – if we could, I know you would see a huge outpouring of actual voting. If we can pay our State and Federal taxes on-line, why can’t we vote online?

What are your thoughts on prematurely announcing polling results? Share your ideas….

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  1. November 4, 2008 2:00 am

    As much as i love watching results all day, living in California, it’s a bummer when they start calling it early.

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