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Election Results & Reactions

November 5, 2008

Well, depending upon where you live, you should know that Obama has won the Presidential Election…

I am happy for this event and was pleasantly surprised (I live in NY) the happy reaction in the streets. As old as I am, I cannot ever remember a time when a President Elect gardnered this public happiness as a result of their winning the election.

Bravo I say to Obama – and heck while I am at it, for the Democratic Strength we now have in both the Hosue and Senate…

Now, if you voted, fantastic! – Let’s remember it was over 52 million of us who got out the vote. But we have only started – let’s remember now to write and stand firm for that we believe in – as in health care, family leave, bringing back our troops, etc.

Keep the peace!

I promise as this blog’s owner, my next post will be about food! 😛  ~Chef Maven

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