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Happy New Year 2009

December 30, 2008

One of the things I simply love about the end of every year, is the news on TV relaying what transpired through the past year. We will be reminded of who died, who was elected, who got divorced and remarried, who had children – these ‘WHO’ are people we are familiar with since they are in the entertainment or well known for various reasons.Sometimes, I like to think, ‘who cares!?!’

I wish at times, they would rerun those happy stories of dogs being reunited with their families after hard trials, (I’m partial to dogs right now as I am halfway through ‘The Story of Edgar Sawtell’, and my own dog Theo is comfortably enjoying additional treats as we start retraining him again just because of this book. A good read, I highly recommend purchasing a copy, then after reading passing it along to your friends in your book club.

Why don’t they (the news programs on TV) retell the happy stories of the year’s past? I am not sure. It seems to dwell on the negatives. But I am more interested in this New Year quite frankly more than anything else.

New Traditions and New Resolutions:

This year I decided to have a New Year’s Day Brunch – and though this is not new, as I have done this brunch thing before, since so many of us adults no longer like to go out on a night we like to refer as “beginning drinker’s eve”, I have decided to make this an all girlie brunch.

Us women will enjoy each others’ friendship and be reminded why we are all friends to begin with despite our many differences in personalities, ages, and stages in our lives. It should be loads of fun. I am planning on cheese soufflee, bodacious baked ham, my homemade waffles and much more. All those recipes are already posted in my blog here.

Why is it we always seem (ok some of us) to rewrite the same resolutions as the previous years: lose weight, stay on budget, get away for vacation, get a car, job, etc., this list can go on. In fact even on facebook my latest endeavor moment was that I was writing up my New Year Resolutions – then questioned if I should only rewrite last year’s with pretty colored ink. Frankly I could, but heck, is that really necessary?

I know one thing, as I went of to bed last night after rearranging my bedroom today, I started to read a old book about de-cluttering one’s household. I have been re-energized and it is amazing to me every year how crazy we can collect items we never use. I am a big believer of – and it is a great way to find new homes for the items you no longer need. It is also a great place to find things you might need or want.

In fact I have been wishing for a daybed for sometime to use as an alternative for a couch in my large loft. As it is, I have a small love seat, not very comfortable for light naps or for guests, I assure you! And voila, there it was this morning and I ‘won’ it. So I will be removing a variety of items from my home in the coming weeks and am totally happy – as this will be finally the year I not only get organized, but stay organized and clutter free, despite the oncoming onslaught of mail and other paraphernalia that seems to enter my household.

So without further adieu, I got’s to go, and get a little more caffeine in my body, to get it together in my art room which has taken a life on its own – rather scary – especially since I will really be needing this space these coming weeks.

But I wish you all from the bottom of my bug heart, a very happy New Year and may it be filled with many blessings, great happiness and loads of health along with anything else you think you would like to manifest into your lives this year. Make 2009 a blast! I know I will try my very best.

~Chef Maven

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  1. December 30, 2008 7:45 pm

    Your brunch sounds awesome and i wish the same wonderful New Year!

  2. Miles' Dad permalink
    January 3, 2009 12:16 pm

    I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. Great recipes (I made your blondies over the holidays) and even better musings. I whole-heartedly agree with your thoughts on decluttering. My project today is to thin out our bookshelves. I’m hoping our local used bookstore will take donations. Ich habe genug!

    • chefmaven permalink
      January 23, 2009 8:31 pm

      Thanks so much Miles’ Dad… those blondies are fabulous too! Great treat when you want a different ‘brownie’

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