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Holiday Woes and Ho Ho Ho’s

December 30, 2008

I am not alone this year as I learn that many of my friends and family are barely ‘doing’ Christmas this year. By that I mean, some have not bought a tree, others barely decorated (including me). And it is not that we are not in the holiday spirit or trying to make a political point by not buying anything this year, but frankly I think we are more reflective of so many people in the US who have had a hard year.

As I learn about other people’s real woes, it reminds me to be ever so grateful of all that I have, even if it is as simple as having a dry roof over one’s head and a can of corn in the cupboard. I am not against gift buying, in fact, this year was my ‘bestest’ of friends – and though it cost me twice as much as it would have normally to ensure those presents arrive before the holiday, it was a pleasure not to enter a large retail store besurged with other wanting holiday shoppers with kids a screaming, they want this or that.

So, wow, I just sounded like Scrooge when it comes to screaming kids, but in this case, and you know what I mean – those long lines, spending over your budget on possibly already over-maxed credit cards all the while you are trying to be in the holiday spirit of things.

This is why I am spending my time quite quietly this holiday season, going to friends homes to enjoy entertaining on a small scale, going to a food pantry and helping others less fortunate by serving up food and remembering to be ever so thankful.

Happy Ho Ho Ho! Chef Maven…

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