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Huge Benefits of De-Cluttering – A New Life, Really

January 3, 2009

I am like most people here in the United States, in that we are likely the biggest group of people in the world who really know how to hoard. We will even hoard the strangest of things or shall we call them ‘collections’, but frankly got to tell you, today I really felt the joy of getting items out of my home with the use of

One part of me actually wishes not to even tell you about this great global website, since then I will have to compete with you all when something good comes up, but frankly, good stuff comes up all the time. You can even place a post for an item you would like – and that is where I really struck gold recently.

So with the New Year upon us, I have been reading this Feng Shui De-cluttering book and again, I am entranced, re-energized and most importantly goal-oriented once again in getting my place back to what I would call organized. One of the main points in this little book, is that you will get your life back. By removing your unwanted items and only keeping that which is working, is beautiful and loved by you, you create your dream home and environment that encourages only the good in you and for only good to come into your life. It is that simple.

How many times, have you walked into a room and instantly feel down due to the large piles of paper, boxes, and stuff just sitting there? What about that over-packed closet? Ok, and when was the last time you say space on your desk or kitchen counter? We all have good intentions, but I must say, starting small in getting rid of items really helps you feel instantly satisfied that you have accomplished something. It then only gets your even more motivated, that you just may not stop.

I tell you this, since this is exactly what happened to me. Not only do you feel your insides getting energized, it helps you continue with your global plan in organizing your room or home. The overall feeling is so immense I can barely even describe it. This only took me maybe three hours over 2 days – and that’s with loads of breaks. Can’t wait to start on an even larger project tomorrow which I have been gearing up to do: my art room.

But really the most important thing to note, is that by removing this unwanted and un-used stuff from your abode, it allows for good to come into your life. Case in point? I had a large lounge chair that ever since it came into my home, my dog and cat seemed to have a severe case of fleas. Other things happened too. I kept spending money, cleaning continuously while washing my quilts and any fabric items till they were being torn from the constant washing.

I had been wishing for a day bed to use as a couch instead of this large chair – so, I threw out the chair, I put a ‘wanted’ post on, and voila – the day bed appeared, as did the new twin mattress, as well as a queen bed frame I needed to replace my old broken one with.

Within two days, I was able to rid my home with many bags of garbage filled with items of no good use to anyone, and gave away on a scanner, golf club cleaning set, sculpty clay, a pc flat monitor, a wicker rocking chair, office supplies, jewelry making supplies, a brand new juicer, among many other items. Not only is there room now where there wasn’t any. My place feels lighter. And furthermore, these items, no longer ‘loved’ by me are now loved by someone else who needed them more than I. To give it to receive, right?

I have written countless articles on de-cluttering, you can find many at and should you want directions on how to get started. One thing is for sure, there is really something to say about de-cluttering and its many benefits.

As for me, tomorrow, while I start baking homemade muffins, and making a strong batch of freshly grounded coffee, I will be attacking my art room with vigor, it only makes me more anxious for the day to begin already!

~Chef Maven

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  1. January 3, 2009 9:54 pm

    It always feels good to de-clutter, I need to badly. I’ll get there with small goals…it really works.

  2. January 13, 2009 5:15 pm

    I love! Not only have I gotten rid of stuff I will never use again, I have received a free deep freeze – its big enough to hold BODIES it’s that big!

    And the only reason they gave it away is because the couple moved into the house, it was in their basement, and they needed it out!

    I’ve also gotten rid of a hot tub that no longer worked and an old cast iron stove! Gotta love it!

  3. January 26, 2009 11:03 am

    Found you through the Noble Pig, wanted to say how kind of you to give your coupon away and make someone else happy and richer.
    Thanks also for the freecycle reminder; when I checked years ago, my rural area didn’t have one…now they do and I’ve joined.


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