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Spring is Here – How Does Your Garden Grow?

March 22, 2009

springI love Spring. After the hard winter of cold temperatures, windy sleet and snow and too high heating bills, thick stews, bone-warming hearty chili and large roasts, I am always ready for those first signs of Spring to show up around my hometown.

Whether it be crocus and snow drops popping up through the weeds and storm-tossed flower beds, or green tips of tulips, hyacinthia and daffodils peaking up through leftover leaves from winter’s past just make me smile, it always seems worth suffering through the winter to have the renewing reminder of Spring starting to adorn your neighborhood with all its showy glory.

So why bring this up at all? Well, it turns out that in my own case where I live, I currently have access through a window to have containers that keep herbs and a tomato plant close by to my kitchen for easy access and my cooking needs on an extended roof top. And just the other day I was thinking to myself, ‘I would love to be able to have access to a larger garden and plant a few things such as butterfly-attracting flowers like black-eyed susans and butterfly bushes to other interesting vegetables like a jalapeno pepper plant’. Well my prayers were answered – and maybe more than I wished for.

So yes, be careful what you wish for, you have heard that before, but in this case, I am absolutely thrilled. My local church put in their bulletin the need for volunteers to work on their various flower beds to be groomed having been somewhat forgotten about, to allowing people to adopt a small portion to be able to grow almost anything in them. So I not only get a larger flower bed that I thought about – it even comes with its own official name; they call it the St. Francis Garden which already has lilacs, several rose bushes, a hydrangea and lilacs -all of which are terribly have been neglected.

A small statue of St. Francis with his usual birds on his shoulders and one in his palm adorn him and his robe as he stands looking at the garden which I now am responsible for. I will not only be able to plant those jalapenos peppers, but that butterfly bush and some black eye susans and cone flowers among other flowers both perennial and annual that attract the butterflies. Of course, I will give some space and respect to all that is already planted, and to the lovely statue of St. Francis, but I am so thrilled for my new adventure and to help put back in place my own little secret garden that can be shared to all who just look beyond a side fence and around the church’s corner.

The best part is that this side of the church where this flower bed exists is not seen by many people since it is somewhat hidden, yet since I live right next door, I will be able to see it from the side of my building as I look out hopefully fondly as I see the growth and results of my hard labor. I was able to get out today a little and started to attack some of the forsythia  – with my dog in tow, tethered to the dogwood tree. He was happy laying in the grass under the tree while I worked a few miracles on a few of the bushes and even got to take some of the forsythia into the house to ‘force’ their blooming – just what the early spring-gal like me loves. Live Flowers. Love Flowers. Enjoy Spring. And there’s even a spring in my step now, a reason to wake up extra early, and relearn what I love about gardening.

As time comes soon, I will share photos of the garden how it stands currently and in its soon to be glory.

So share with us all, what is in your garden and how do you enjoy Spring and all its’ early signs.

~Chef Maven

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  1. March 22, 2009 8:41 pm

    I have tulips right now trying to bloom and roses even. I can’t wait.

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