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Can We Prevent Asthma Attacks by Eating Right? Yes we can!

February 20, 2010

Healthy Eating can help those with Asthma

Just a short little post on asthma and eating right – a new beginning for me…

What I learned this past week and what I will learn in weeks ahead about nutrition specifically with its role in relation to both asthma and diabetes will be an interesting project for me, as I have just been freed from a week-long unanticipated hospital stay due to asthma.

I can tell you this, being in a hospital for one whole entire week can easily put a damper on your blogging, for sure. Like many of my readers and like you, we live in a world where we are constantly working more than one job (albeit happily at times) trying to help others and in sharing what we hope to be interesting, informative and at times entertaining and lively poignant and funny.

Believe you me, I was not listening to what was going on inside me as I was wheezing for days on end….I ended up pretending I wasn’t sick at all, to  finally admitting I needed a visit to the doctor but stat – and ended up in the hospital via the emergency room. After being well taken care of and currently on the mend, I knew I would add additional posts here on my blog geared towards nutrition and asthma and even dabbling in with diabetes prevention.

Need not worry my faithful readers, you know I am going to still provide those juicy lamb chop recipes to creamy 7 minute frosting recipes perfect for that special evening you are preparing…I could never not do that – it wouldn’t be very Chef Maven of me, now would it! But I knew it would be important to share what I learned on the importance of healthy eating keeping asthma in mind, at bay along with diabetes prevention and maintenance while still enjoying good foods that taste great which satisfies all of our cravings.

For a quick FYI on asthma and nutrition did you know that having nutritional deficiencies including magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C have been known to assist in bringing on an asthmatic attack along with other factors such as the environment and allergens?

I found this interesting link about asthma but my research has only just started…

So simply a short note, I’m doing better, thanks for your well wishes indeed (on facebook, twitter,etc!) And I look forward to trying out interesting new recipes and sharing them here with you while providing me and you optimal healthy food ideas  for our lungs and blood sugar levels while still having some fun with my usual amazing classic homemade foods and recipes!

Chow Ciao for Now ~Chef Maven.

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  1. February 21, 2010 11:01 pm

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